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How to stop Skype replacing telephone numbers on your web design

When a user installs Skype it auto installs some plugins to Internet Explorer and Firefox, that when it sees a telephone number on the webpage a user is viewing it will replace the number and surround it in its own formatting. Now a user can disable this function but as a web designer/developer you cannot guarantee that all your website visitors have it disabled. For those users that don’t have it disabled a nicely designed and placed telephone number in your design is replaced with an ugly and out-of-place number. Yuk! I did some searching and all the posts I could find only said how to disabled the plugin which I didn’t want. I want to disable the plugin or disable the effects of the plugin for all browsers viewing the site I was developing.

I then came across this code:


Put looks like Skype has updated and this code no longer works. For all my web design work I always work with a reset.css style sheet that is like my common settings for CSS that I use in all web development. Well I stumbled across some CSS you can use to hide the effects of the Skype plugin. Here is the nice bit of CSS code that has found its way into my reset.css style sheet:

/**** GET LOST SKYPE! ****/
span.skype_pnh_container {display:none !important;}
span.skype_pnh_print_container {display:inline !important;}

Hope it helps you out

Mathmatically proven that women equals problems

In school you always get tought that anything that can be proven by mathmatics must be true. Well here is some simple secondary school mathmatics that proves that women are equal to problems.

All men know that to get a woman you need time and money:

But over time we know we make money, so time is equal to money:

So from that we can safely say that a woman equals money times money or better put woman equals money squared:

However money is the root of all problems?

So we can replace money with root problems. In maths you should know that root and squared cancel each other out so you are left with woman equals problems:

So there we have it WOMEN = PROBLEMS!!